Through the eyes of a client: Experience a cut with Sandrine Bucarelli

It was my last day in NYC, and one of the hottest days in September (so I heard) so, walking into the Loews Regency Hotel was a blissful retreat from the hustle of Madison Avenue. But heading up to the Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa took relaxation to a whole new level – it was my kind of sanctuary. The welcoming elegance of the chic, yet simplistic interiors, charming ladies and of course, cushy sofas was only the beginning of my Julien Farel experience. I was introduced to my stylist, Sandrine Bucarelli, who discussed with me what I was looking for, but also what my daily hair needs required.... I like to be able to put my hair up into a rather *messy* bun, but likewise, I need it to be healthy looking with more volume. My current hair style was long, flat with no layers.... Sandrine knew exactly what to do!

I was shortly whisked over to the relaxing wash station. Sandrine used Julien Farel Hydrate Shampoo and Condition - the perfect choice for hair which needs to have a bit of additional moisture without being too overly treated. From here, we sat down at the station and Sandrine worked her magic. Inches of hair began falling and it instantly felt healthier and a better length! Sandrine added layers to the front to create more bounce and texture - something my previous hair style was definitely lacking! Then the drying began. I'm guilty of never drying or styling my hair, so it was great to watch how to create the perfect ' soft curl'! Straight away, my hair had more life and looked incredibly healthy!

After my wonderful experience with Sandrine, I met Julien. We discussed the salon’s innovative concept which I was very much looking forward to see. The Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa certainly isn't a 'one floor wonder' by any means! The salon features an advanced gym with all the equipment you could possibly need, treatment rooms, the spa lounge and the VIP areas – set aside from the front of the salon for the ultimate private experience. We then headed downstairs to the men's lab- JF MEN. I work in menswear fashion so this was an area I was very excited to see! I feel that having a separate salon, within one, is certainly lacking in the male grooming world and the JF Men’s salon is done perfectly! Designed with rich mahogany surfaces and stainless steel frames mirrors, the mens salon had a feeling of an old-school private gentlemen’s club *minus the whisky and cigars.* My time spent at the Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa, along with the wonderful team was certainly an experience I will never forget from my time in NYC. Thank you All x Share your experience at Julien Farel by commenting below!