Serena Williams' Hair Evolution

As the US Open 2015 approaches, all eyes are on Serena Williams to see if she will make tennis history. A win at the US Open would mean 22 grand slams in her career and four in a calendar year. Over the past 16 years, we have seen her influence grow beyond tennis into everyday modern culture. To celebrate one of the greatest women in tennis, I spoke to Hair Designer, Andre Davis, on Serena's hair evolution - taking style risks on and off the court.

1999: "Serena's entry into the public eye was fused with ethnic innocence. The white beads in her braided hair became the Williams sisters trademark."

2000: "Serena (right) coming out and finding her style. Honey blonde, wet and wavy, tight texture extension braids let loose half way, giving her a more mature stylish look."

2004: "Full head extensions/weave, honey blonde, very sophisticated middle part pulled back in a ponytail for a super glam slam!!!"

2007: "Full speed ahead, she goes back to her roots with natural dark brown hair, relaxed straight, twisted in a updo in the back with height on the top. This shows she can go glam and classic."

2009: "I love the way Serena started to experiment with her hair. Her own hair is relaxed with extensions/weave cut into a long bob, with thermal curl, free and current."

2010: "What I admire about Serena is like hollywood stars, she is not afraid to take chances. In this shot, she put on a honey blonde wig with bangs, it really was a head turner on red carpet."

2011: "Looking like a rock star, Serena paid homage to Diana Ross with a mane of hair, tight water wave wig. This gives her a sexy and soft look."

2014: "You can't say Serena has not come into her own in a long way and on many levels. With honey blonde hair highlighted around her face with thermal wave, she looks like the it woman of sports - the epitome of style and grace."

2015: "Serena has come full circle with fully braided extensions in her hair, loosened out about 4' from the root with a wet and wavy hair texture. I'm sure she chose this texture because it looks good through sweat and all. This is her game-on go-to style! Serena, you have hair to LOVE ;-)"

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