Short Hair Styles with Lucie Ducrot!

2014 has been the year of short hair. As someone who has hid behind long hair for 10 years, chopping off my locks was extremely liberating. A short 'do even made me feel more feminine and stylish. But shorter locks come at a price. For someone like myself who never used to style my long hair, I now need to take time out everyday before work to make sure I don't walk around with mushroom-shaped hair. Since I only know 2 short styles to create (curly and straight), I turned to Power Coif specialist, Lucie Ducrot, who showed me that just because you can't get your hair into a ponytail doesn't mean you are limited with your hair styling choices! Mix it up and get inspired with these 4 short styles:

Daytime Look:

Elegant Slicked Look:

Fierce Faux Bangs:

Edgy Pin-up: