Staff Highlight: Mina Saquet

Q&A with JF MEN's manager Mina Saquet:

1. What has been the best men's look you've seen?

It all depends on the age range. For men in their 40’s or 50’s we love the style with a salt and pepper short hair and for the younger men in their 20’s, I like when they use the Flexible Paste that makes their hair glossy and shiny which really styles their hair.

2. Which service would you recommend to a father and his son to get at JF MEN?

Definitely a haircut for the son! And for the father a shaving, the Deluxe Shaving at JF MEN is the best! And for both of them together they can get the hand and foot restore which are great.

3. Which JF MEN product do men buy the most?

Definitely the Flexible Paste; every man buys the paste before he leaves after his appointment with us.

4. Which are your favorite JF MEN products?

There are a lot! But definitely the Flexible Paste and the Vitamin Restore.

5. What do you enjoy the most about working as a manager for JF MEN?

I enjoy that the men are so easy going: they come in, they get a haircut and then they go. They're way easier than women!

6. Do you believe skin care is important for men? And if so, how can JF MEN help?

Of course skincare is definitely important for men, as much as it is for women. JF MEN can help by educating the men about skincare, because you know they’re not like women when it comes to taking care of their skin. Our aestheticians give great men's facials.

7. Do you think that guys are becoming more into grooming than before?

Oh yes! Especially in Manhattan. They work a lot, so they don’t always have a lot of free time on their hands so they like to be clean cut and ready to go work!
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