7 Hair Essentials You Must Pack for 4th of July Weekend

Going away for the weekend? Hair Designer and Style Director, Kevin Lee, shares his 7 must-haves for great hair during 4th of July weekend. Some of them may surprise you. 1. Hat: The best thing to bring with you to the beach is a hat to avoid hair and scalp damage from the sun while looking stylish.

(Jennifer Ouellette Beach Princess Hat)

2. Face wipes: Use them to tame even the most stubborn flyaways.

3. Olive oil: For a quick, shiny and polished look, use a quarter teaspoon of olive oil in the hair and brush through. Pull into a sleek pony, knot or braid. If hair is curly, work through curls with fingers. This technique is NOT recommended for fine hair.

4. Julien Farel Calm Elixir: Perfect for soothing a sun kissed scalp, this product is a must in every beach tote and weekend bag.

5. Dry shampoo: Always useful to spruce up hair and give texture during any summer getaway!

6. Conditioner: Before heading to the beach, apply Julien Farel Hydrate Condition in your hair and pull hair back into pony or bun (if hair is short, use a headband). This prevents hair from absorbing salt, chlorine and other damaging elements. Plus, you can deep condition your hair while looking sleek and chic!

7. Sea Salt Spray: Forget the flat iron and use sea salt spray for beautifully textured beach hair.