My Sweat Life x Christine De Almeida

Kelsey from My Sweat Life stopped by JF Fitness inside the Loews Regency Hotel for a quick New York City workout with Julien Farel’s Master Trainer, Christine De Almeida. After about 30 minutes of a high intensity work out, Kelsey was able to relax at Restore Salon & Spa and by getting a gel manicure and haircut with #HairMaster Julien Farel. Here are some of the workout moves that Christine + Kelsey did together:

Warm up:

  1. Perform standing up inclined back row exercise on TRX suspension trainer, keep your shoulders retracted, your abdominals and gluten tight. Repeat this motion 15 times then hold the back row position for 20 seconds.

Bosu ball workouts:

1. Lateral jumps in half squat position: flip the Bosu ball side up, put one foot in the middle of the Bosu ball and hold a half squat position while switching from side to side of the ball. Perform a shoulder press exercise with a weight of your choice as one of your foot plants on the ground while the other is on the Bosu ball. Make sure that your knees stay behind your toes while performing the alternated side jumps. (40x)

2. One single leg up balance with kettlebell on Bosu ball: flip the Bosu ball side down and place your foot in the center of the rounded platform, bring your other leg up keeping your knee bent at 90 degrees and catch your balance. Keep your foot inn the air flexed. Once your balance is in place, bring a kettlebell of your choice around your extended leg and under your flexed leg performing a 360 degrees motion. (15x ball rotations around the body then switch sides)

3. One single leg crossover exercise: place your hands onto the bench press crossing over opposite leg. Repeat on each side of the bench keeping your knees up. (Each leg 30x)

4. Drill exercise: change up the previous exercise by stepping on the bench and bringing your foot to hand as you step up without using bench press weight bar. Make sure to keep your knee in line without going over your toes while standing up. Accentuate the crunching motion with your side obliques. (Each leg 15x)

5. Power rope balance exercise on Bosu ball: flip the Bosu ball facing down. Stand in half squat position without your knees stay behind your toes and grab ropes. Make sure your arms up down in opposite directions. Make sure to start slow for your first time to make sure everything is in line. (Do for 30 seconds and speed up the last 10 seconds)

If you're staying at the Loews Regency New York City location make sure to take advantage of a workout session with Christine or book an appointment by calling Restore Salon & Spa at 212. 888.8988.