#USOPENhair: Sleek & Chic Braid Loop

As the Official Stylists of the US Open, Julien Farel runs a pop up salon at the US Open Tennis Tournament so the players can hit the courts looking camera-ready. Hair Designer Louis Angelo shows us how to get this chic sporty hairstyle guaranteed to stay in place. Gone are the days of messy gym hair.

1. Mix Sculpting Gel and Smooth Crème (equal parts) and comb through slightly damp hair. Usually on long hair, I use 1 oz of each. Do not saturate hair, but put enough so you can tell product is there. 2. After distributing through the hair evenly, start to comb or brush all your hair directly upward. *Hint: Throw your head upside down to make it easier.* 3. Now bring head right side up, smooth out hair, secure neatly and TIGHTLY with an elastic BAND into a high pony. 4. From the ponytail you have just made, separate a small amount of hair from the pony, braid it and wrap around the elastic band. Tuck in and secure with a bobby pin. 5. For the rest of the ponytail, you have options: You can do a simple three strand braid, a fish tail or a rope braid. I chose a rope braid and tied the end with a clear elastic. 6. Hold your large braid up vertical, and gently roll it back down creating a beautiful shaped knot on top of your head. Secure with bobby pins.