Hair DIY: Wave Formation

When we heard about the latest wavy hair trend from L.A we tapped our Style Director Kevin Lee to show us how to achieve the look:

1. On clean straight hair start curling sections of hair with 1.5 inch curling iron. If you have curly or wavy hair blow dry your hair before doing this hairstyle, we recommend Julien Farel’s ‘Flexible Smoothing Balm’ as a styling balm to use pre-blow out.

2. As you curl each section make sure you alternate the direction that you curl each hair section to give hair dimension.

2. Use the curling iron as a clamping iron to clamp the ends of hair to give it a more texturized effect. The hair waves are supposed to look uneven and loose, like a natural wave.

3. Use Julien Farel’s ‘Flexible Gel’ to tame flyways while giving hair a more polished look.

The finished look:

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