Weekend Hair: Polished, Yet Undone Soft Curls

Women are tending to lean towards looks that are a little more natural looking and lived in... polished yet undone. This layered, textured lob is great for day or night. See how to get the style.

1. Prep the hair by washing with Vitamin Shampoo and Condition.

2. Use a dime size amount of Inflate Volumizing Balm at the root area. Blow dry while lifting hair off scalp with fingers to increase volume.

3. Take a 1" barrel curling iron and alternate direction of curls with every other section.

4. When finished, turn head upside down and shake to loosen curls for a more relaxed look.

5. Pick your head upright, use a dime size amount of De-Frizz Smoothing Balm and break up waves to achieve this raked in wavy look.