Winter Beauty Tips

This time of the year it is extremely important to keep the skin hydrated and protected during the brisk winter. Below are 3 DIYs you can do at home to keep your skin glowing all winter:

Manuka Honey Mask

1. Take a small amount of Manuka Honey (look for 15+ for better results). Can be purchased at your local health food store. 2. Apply a thin layer to the face and neck for 10-15 minutes and then remove with a warm towel.

The Manuka Honey is incredibly hydrating for skin and contains a germ-fighting ingredient, methyglyoxal, which has been proven to speed wound healing, making it perfect for clearing up pimples or any dry patches.

Cucumber Eye Pads

1. Take cucumber seeds and crush them between two 4x4 cotton pads. 2. Placed the cotton pads over the entire eye area and your eye will instantly feel hydrated and swelling will be visibly reduced.

Dark Circles Remedies

1. After making a cup of tea, simply place warm tea bags over your eyes for several minutes. The caffeine and tannins in the tea help reduce puffiness and dark circles. To minimize dark circles I also recommend Biopelle’s Dark Circle Relief Eye Cream with botanical growth factors and vitamin K oxide. After only one month of use, the active ingredient of vitamin K oxide protects and strengthens the vasculature under the eyes reducing the appearance dark circles. If you need a face moisturizer, I recommend Cure Sheer Cream by Natura Bisse (also available at Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa) because it works for all skin types and it’s a moisturizer, a tinted cover up cream made from mica, and it has SPF 20 sunscreen. The tint provides a beautiful even finish and coverage. For best results make time for regular facials every 4-6 weeks with a professional aesthetician who can address your specific skin concerns and customize the best beauty regimen for you.