Now that the NYC Marathon has passed, we recommend massage therapy for post marathon recovery. Self-care through massage can help workout recovery and our massage therapists can add a 15 minute stretch to your service at Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa. Reflexology This ancient art utilizes strategic pressure points located on your hands and feet that connect directly with your central nervous system to re-balance and bring a flow of energy to organs and systems. An experience of renewed vitality and strength will surge throughout your entire body.
Deep Tissue Massage with Hot Stones Restore your body and mind to a more balanced state. An eclectic blend of techniques is utilized to release tension, relieve muscle soreness and ease mental stress. Your therapist can customize your session for deep tissue by incorporating hot stones.
Oxygen Body Perfection
Perfect for winter hydration, Oxygen Body Perfection is a purifying ritual that revitalizes and deeply hydrates while restoring beauty and freshness to the skin. Oxygen Body Perfection is ideal for toning our bodies into shape and preparing for the new seasons. First, the skin is renewed using a leading-edge, polyhydroxy acid-based exfoliate that boosts elasticity. Then, the body is wrapped in an enticing soufflé texture mask that provides a nourishing and draining effect. Finally, an application of hydrating, revitalizing oil reveals luminous, glowing skin. Rosemary Mint Hot Stone Massage Melt away your stress with this classic hot stone massage featuring warm mint oil. The heat of the stones coupled with the refreshing effects of wild rosemary mint oil delivers a surprisingly relaxing, yet rejuvenating experience. Applied in long, soothing strokes, this massage is revered for its wide range of healing effects from pain in the joints to toning vascular tissue.
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