Alina Novikov - Advanced Stylist

Alina Novikov

Advanced Stylist

With over 10 years experience, Alina has made her way through various high profile salons before finding a home with Julien Farel. When she observes the face and personality of a client, she instinctively knows how to highlight their natural beauty.


For women, Alina believes that short haircuts are the most chic because they emphasize the beautiful line of the neck and shoulders while accentuating the eyes and cheekbones. Short hair can soften ones features just as long hair softens certain face shapes. If you have been thinking about shorter hair, she can determine what hairstyles would work best.


Blowouts by Alina are customized to bring out one's natural beauty. Her favorite blowouts are inspired by beautiful long-haired editorials prevalent in fashion magazines.

Alina's updos were featured in magazines and her expertise covers styles from soft and classy to striking and dramatic. A regular name among prominent stylists, Alina has worked with many celebrities and Russian clientele. Alina's special gift is her ability to define a style, whether short or long for both ladies and gentlemen.

It is best to work with your natural beauty instead of going against it.