Anjolie Clark - Stylist

Anjolie Clark


Upon graduating the Aveda Institute in NYC, Anjolie began her career at the Julien Farel Salon as a styling assistant. After 3 years of formal training and working with the senior styling team, she has been promoted to a Junior Stylist. Anjolie finds inspiration from Classic Hollywood Glam to pop culture, the divas of the 60s and 70s and the trending moments of today. She has an innate talent for working with wavy, curly, and coily hair and believes in the importance of understanding all different textures and how to manipulate them. After receiving her Bachelors in Communications, she realized that her love of style, art and journalism made for an incredible melting pot in the world of beauty.

"Anjolie worked her magic on my hair. I had a horrible haircut from a few days ago where they didn't properly layer my hair. Within an hour and a half Anjolie fixed all my problems and taught me a few things. The salon never made me feel uncomfortable and I can not stop raving about salon apprentice now. She never made me feel like I needed to tip and was very thankful when I did give her a little something. How can you not tip when you walk outta there with such a lovely cut?!"
- Li Qin L, June 2019

"From start to finish ,my experience was amazing"
- Julie D., 2021