Gynna Cayambe - Colorist

Gynna Cayambe

Senior Colorist

An Ecuador native, Gynna Cayambe always had a fascination with beauty and hair and had long dreamed of working in the salon industry. When she came to New York in 2011 for college, she learned English through her courses, television and movies. After experiencing the vibrancy of New York fashion and culture, she made the move to the Aveda Institute to begin her path towards achieving her dream. Once she graduated, she started to work at the Julien Farel Salon as a coloring assistant and learned from the Julien Farel coloring department.

When Abby Haliti joined Julien Farel, Gynna loved the craft of hair painting and had an instant connection with her. Abby became her mentor and taught Gynna her coloring techniques. With a less is more attitude, Gynna specializes in balayage and creating trendy looks that brings hair to life.

Less is more! You don't need a ton of color services to give hair depth and make it more vibrant.