Lila Carlino - Advanced Colorist

Lila Carlino

Advanced Colorist

Colorist Lila Carlino was born and raised in New York. At a young age, Lila received inspiration from her family of designers and artisans who's success was driven by creativity and passion. She has always been fascinated with hair, beauty, and fashion; always knowing one day she wanted to learn from the leaders. In 2008, she began her training at Garren New York. Under the guidance of Garren, Lila was exposed to fashion icons, celebrities and high profile clientele. In early 2014, Lila joined Julien Farel color team as an advanced level colorist. Lila is creating her own warm-highlighted brunettes, natural redheads and sun-kissed blondes at Julien Farel. To provide the best color possible, Lila has a checklist analyzing a client's natural hair color, current hair color and condition, prior coloring history and skin tone. Through initial consultation she also acquires a close understanding of the client and how they see themselves. This allows her to achieve an individualized color in sync with a client's lifestyle, career and image.

"I recently started seeing Lila for my color and I could not be more pleased. I've never received so many compliments on my hair before. Besides being a sincere and wonderful human being, Lila has a great eye for color and knows instinctively what will suit your face.  I have dark brown hair and wanted to brighten it up and give it some ooomph and Lila always knocks it out of the park, giving me the most natural highlights and if she thinks I don't need them at that time, she will tell me so as not to over process my hair. Her honesty and ethics are so refreshing and very much appreciated! I always leave the salon feeling beautiful and my hair feels healthier than ever. Lila is a true gem. Thank you!"
- Sharon W, October 2019

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