Marie Leppard - Senior Colorist

Marie Leppard

Senior Colorist

Good fortune matched Marie to her mentor Constance Hartnett at Frederic Fekkai. Under Constance's tutelage, Marie built her technique and vision for her specialized approach. This deep understanding of color allows Marie to advise with candor whenever a change is considered. She can envision a new effect and has the skill to make it a reality. With her background in traveling, culinary training and a mother to two beautiful daughters, Marie's life experience gives insights, understanding and ability to communicate with clients about what is possible and fashionable.

Over her career, Marie's balayage skills have been acknowledged in countless publications and a variety of television presentations. She has an approach to color that is natural which in turn gives longevity to the hair. A healthy and natural quality is foremost in her consideration during a consultation. Her philosophy is to "let the nature of the person be confirmed by her style." This has allowed all of her valued clients, celebrities and industry leaders to trust implicitly in her abilities.

One of her most significant rewards while working with Julien Farel is to be a mentor to rising colorists. She believes that to give back gives the greatest rewards. This is also true with her clients. To be the one who corrects a client and to restore their feeling of beauty is her greatest pleasure.

"From start to finish ,my experience was amazing"
- Julie D., 2021

Let the nature of the person be confirmed by her style.