Mark DiVincenzo

Mark DeVincenzo joined Julien Farel in 2020, having been a leader in the hair industry for over 25 years at Frederic Fekkai Salons, and a salon owner himself, in Bronxville, New York.

Mark started his career at 16 years old in a mall salon with 80 chairs which he affectionately dubbed "The Factory." Very quickly he realized he could have a significant impact not only on how people looked, but how they felt. And he was sold on the fact that he would be in the hair business, like his parents!

Mark has a natural ease behind the chair, and he's a true people person. His passion and dedication to the clients and his craft really stand out. He believes the "feel good" part of hairdressing holds as much value as the hairstyle itself, and has many clients in his chair decade after decade. He is a born leader, talented educator and an innovative thinker. He is one of the few salons in the US who actually removed a checkout desk in 2019. His salon is a shining star in the tony town of Bronxville, but he and Julien have known each other for 20 plus years and Mark feels Julien's vision provides him the opportunity to be part of something bigger.

Follow your heart and never chase your pocket, and you will be successful in whatever path you choose!