Marylisa Diaz - Senior Makeup Artist

Marylisa Diaz

Artistic Director of Makeup

Marylisa is the Artistic Director of Makeup who has a passion for unveiling your beauty within. Dedicated to amplifying what makes you naturally stunning, her world revolves around the captivating ambiance of the Julien Farel Restore Salon and Spa, where opulence meets unspoken expectations. Her canvas is diverse: from empowering business presentations and engaging Zoom calls to capturing timeless headshots, enchanting brides, and gracing galas and red carpets. With an artistic foundation and a self-honed skillset, she channels creativity into perfecting the nuances of makeup artistry, revealing your true magnificence. Her forte lies in versatility, seamlessly transitioning from subtle, refined looks to captivating, intense transformations. Notably, she has had the privilege of working with distinguished individuals, including Lauren Bush Lauren, Ashely Bush, Andie McDowell, Brooke Shields and her daughters Grier and Rowan, as well as Matthew Kim, known as Big Matthew. These collaborations have further enriched her craft and allowed her to enhance the beauty of remarkable personalities.

The finest details make all the difference.