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  • Three services in one hour
  • Option A: Blowdry, manicure, pedicure 180.00+
  • Option B: Blowdry, makeup, manicure 250.00+
  • Option C: Mini facial, manicure, pedicure 255.00+
  • Option D: Customize your own quoted by consultation
  • POWER HAIR 1,000.00
  • One hour haircut by Julien using a methodical cutting process of examining each hair strand repeatedly, until you have reached maximum hair health without losing length
  • POWER COIF 75.00
  • Quick & elegant updo, braid or ponytail
  • Contouring highlights that accentuate your features and brighten your skin tone for a natural sun-kissed look
  • POWER MASSAGE 240.00
  • Combines Anti-Aging massage modalities, shiatsu & stretching techniques
  • POWER FACIAL 300.00
  • JF Signature Facial with Diamond Microdermabrasion
  • Enhanced with a Power Peel
  • Enhanced with a Power Peel
  • POWER COUPLE quoted by consultation
  • Couples massage and facial with optional manicure and pedicure


  • Hair Cut 1,000.00
  • Updo 700.00+
  • Blowdry 250.00+*
  • Outside Booking quoted by consultation**
  • Weddings quoted by consultation**
  • Bridal Trial quoted by consultation**


  • Cut & Blowdry 350.00+*
  • Updo 350.00+
  • Blowdry 100.00+*
  • Outside Booking 1000.00 / hour**
  • Weddings 550.00 / hour**
  • Bridal Trial 400.00 w/ consultation**


  • Cut & Blowdry 250.00
  • Updo 250.00
  • Blowdry 75.00+*
  • Outside Booking 500.00 / hour**
  • Weddings 410.00 / hour**
  • Bridal Trial 310.00 w/ consultation**


  • Cut & Blowdry 175.00
  • Updo 175.00
  • Blowdry 60.00+*
  • Outside Booking 375.00 / hour**
  • Weddings 320.00 / hour**
  • Bridal Trial 225.00 w/ consultation**


  • Cut & Blowdry 150.00
  • Updo 150.00
  • Blowdry 50.00+*
  • Outside Booking 350.00 / hour**
  • Weddings 320.00 / hour**
  • Bridal Trial 200.00 w/ consultation**


  • Blowdry75.00+*

* Prices vary depending on hair extensions, length & texture of hair, as well as the use of a curling or straightening iron & styling. Style Director & Director of Education pricing is $350, all other Hair Designers are $305 for cut & blowdry. 

** Outside bookings and weddings will be billed hourly for travel. Tax included in price. Charges will be made from the time stylist leaves the salon until the time they return to the salon.


  • Single Process 185.00+
  • Highlights 350.00+
  • Single Process w/ Highlights 300.00+**
  • Gloss 130.00+
  • Double Process 510.00+
  • Color Correction quoted by consultation
  • Blowdry 50.00*


  • Single Process 160.00+
  • Highlights 300.00+
  • Single Process w/ Highlights 250.00+**
  • Gloss 130.00+
  • Double Process 385.00+
  • Color Correction quoted by consultation
  • Blowdry 50.00*
* After color with any stylist. Some restrictions may apply. Please see front desk. 
** Single Process with Highlights is performed at the sink, no more than six highlights. 

Hair Extensions & Wigs

  • SPECIAL EVENT HAIR EXTENSIONS quoted by consultation
  • WIGS quoted by consultation
  • EXPRESS EXTENSIONS BY ANDRE DAVIS quoted by consultation*

For those who want a fuller, more voluminous hairstyle, we offer Express Extensions by Andre. Using keratin tape extensions, Andre will expertly apply 14-18 inch extensions (number of pieces vary, depending on your desired result) to give your hair that extra boost of volume and vitality – all within 30 minutes. Afterwards, hair is cut dry with layers that seamlessly blend the two hair types. Extensions can be used twice with his special application and removal technique. Additional charges apply for hair coloring services such as highlights, ombre or balayage.


  • PERM 290.00+

Hair & Scalp Treatments

  • Innovative technology curated by an Italian scientist, this hair treatment cleanses and conditions and is applied to scalp and hair. Set under a steamer for 30 minutes to saturate and maximize results.
  • De-stress your mind and melt tension during a relaxing scalp massage. This experience is enhanced with an Anti-Aging leave-in serum that will create strength, volume and add shine to your hair.
  • Customizable In-Salon Treatment designed to repair, reconstruct and restore hair to a healthy state. It can be tailored based on hair condition and can be combined with any color or chemical sercives. NoiraudePro consists of 8 key reparative elements to strengthen and moisturize hair from the inside while softening and smoothing hair from the outside.
  • 4 STEP125.00
  • Indulge in ultimate smoothing care. Instantly transforms all hair types leaving it silky, soft & smooth. This professional 4-step deep conditioning treatment improves natural texture, helps tame frizz, detangles and softens unmanageable, rough hair with results lasting up to 5 weeks with weekly booster. Take home conditioning pack is provided for you to maintain the result up to four weeks.
  • POWER DOSE90.00
  • No added time at sink. Quick spray in conditioner with three different options to choose from depending on your hair type.
  • This new scalp-focused service treats, anti-ages and balances scalp pH while removing product build up on scalp and hair. This provides an optimal environment for healthy, beautiful hair. It starts in the shampoo chair where scalp and neck are simultaneously massaged, designed to relax tense muscles while increasing microcirculation to stimulate the follicles. Next, eucalyptus scented towels are wrapped around head and hands for a relaxing sensorial experience. Lastly, Detox Scalp Scrub is washed out, followed by a Julien Farel signature blowout of your choice.
  • SCALP & HAIR ANALYSIS75m quoted by consultation
  • An in-depth exploration of scalp, follicles and strands to diagnose hair and scalp concerns via state-of-the-art camera and magnification technology. Analysis is performed in a private space for your comfort with highly trained hair and scalp Specialists. Discussion with Specialist will result in recommended action(s), starting with deeper understanding of the hair or scalp concern, regimen recommendations, product recommendations and service recommendations including but not limited to laser treatments and/or medical referrals. Follow-ups can be booked 3-6 months after initial diagnosis and last 45 minutes. $100.00 JF Anti-Aging Haircare product credit is included in the quoted price of analysis.

*Blowdry is included in all hair & scalp treatments pricing, subject to change based on level of stylist booked.

Anti-Aging Facials

  • DEEP INTENSIVE REPAIR & RENEWAL FACIAL 30m: 250.00/ 60m: 425.00
  • This transformative facial includes 3 steps beginning with Dermaplaning and/or Microdermabrasion which deeply exfoliates the top layer of dulling dead skin cells. Oxygen infusion treatment gives skin clarity. Tensage intensive antioxidant deep hydration treatment improves skin texture, tone, and elasticity to restore moisture, firm & tighten. Your skin will be left feeling invigorated and renewed.
  • This luxurious Natura Bisse experience provides a regenerative, energizing action that creates an immediate lifting effect. This unique facial is enriched with power ingredients including diamond dust and Damask Rose absolute. You will leave feeling restored with skin that looks and feels gorgeously radiant, smooth, and soft.
  • DIAMOND GLOW FACIAL 60m: 275.00
  • This revolutionary treatment provides global results for hyper-pigmented skin. Brilliantly Formulated, the high concentrations of effective whitening and lightening active ingredients achieve astonishing results after the first session. This unique treatment evens skin tone and minimizes pores to reveal a completely uniform complexion. This effective ritual suitable for all skin types is the perfect solution for radiant skin without spots.
  • POWER FACIAL 30m: 200.00 / 60m: 325.00
  • Uncover a new you with our gentle touch Diamond Microdermabrasion. Our dermatologist approved microdermabrasion wand effectively exfoliates to silken your skin and restore your natural glow. Youthful skin is achieved using our advanced treatment that exfoliates skin using a gentle suction to improve micro-circulation and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Safe for even the most sensitive skin, this resurfacing procedure polishes your skin to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles’ and uneven skin texture, promoting the growth of healthy, new cells for a smoother, more radiant complexion. Custom paired with radiance enhancing skincare products, this facial will have you look as young as you feel.
  • 3D COLLAGEN SHOCK FACIAL 60m: 325.00  / 90m: 415.00
  • Created as a powerful, regenerative facial treatment, it is based on three types of collagen and designed to increase firmness, define facial contours, improve skin density and preserve moisture. The hero active ingredient to 3D Collagen Shock is the 3D Collagen Matrix. Exclusive to Natura Bissé, the smart combination of three types of collagen with different molecular weights (high, medium and low) is reportedly able to work on different layers of the skin to offer an intensive lifting and redensifying effect. The treatment also includes the Active Face Contouring Technique massage that redefines and sculpts the client’s facial contours.
  • JF SIGNATURE FACIAL 60m: 225.00 / 90m: 315.00
  • After a precise skin consultation, a carefully curated facial is designed specific to your skin’s needs while in a serene state of carefree relaxation. Exclusive techniques increase your skins’ receptivity to power-packed Anti-Aging ingredients that address your every skin concern from dehydration to aging to sun damage and beyond. Topped off with individualized moisturizers and creams leaving you with nourished and dreamier skin. This facial is customizable for your choice of an Oxygen treatment, or Vitamin C Collagen Booster.
  • DOUBLE DETOX FACIAL 60m: 225.00 / 90m: 315.00
  • This purifying facial features enzymatic detoxification for the ultimate beauty boost. The intensely thorough, deep cleansing process includes a foaming clay mask that targets your most problematic areas and prepares the skin for a more delicate extraction process. Post extraction, a detox massage is performed to aid the drainage of toxins while a nourishing nano-stimulating mask releases revitalizing ingredients to restore radiance. A tinted hydrating veil is the final touch to provide a luminous appearance upon completion.
  • Illuminate your complexion with our intensive brightening facial that combines a proprietary blend of botanical and clinical brightening Bioactives to reduce the appearance of acne, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles. To elevate your skin’s natural luminosity, a powerful clay mask that brightens, lightens and tones. This facial sends you off with SPF protection so you can return to the real world without worry.
  • BACK FACIAL 60m: 225.00
  • Our customized back facial is a deep cleansing, exfoliation for your back. This treatment focuses on detoxifying congested skin, treating back acne and smoothing uneven tones. Masks and peels are customized to achieve the ultimate pampering your back deserves.
  • A super intense, anti-aging facial that includes 3 powerful treatments. Dermaplaning and/or Microdermabrasion immediately rejuvenates the skin by removing the outermost layer of dead skin cells. Deep Hydration treatment delivers a high level of growth factor to help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase elasticity and enhance texture tone. Stem cell rich cream helps combat multiple signs of aging to face, neck and decollete. Finally, skin tightening radio frequency (Viora) application stimulates collagen synthesis to strengthen existing collagen fibers for significant improvement in skin laxity, sagginess and texture.
  • POWER HOUR quoted by consultation
  • Take care of your beauty necessities all under an hour by receiving a facial of your choice at the same time as your manicure and pedicure.

Facial Enhancements

  • Microdermabrasion 110.00
  • Power Peel 135.00
  • Oxygen Infusion 30m 110.00
  • Sunburned Skin Treatment 30m 110.00*
  • Acne Treatment 30m 110.00*
  • Dermaplaning 110.00
  • Express Facial 135.00
  • Mini Skin tightening session(s) quoted by consultation

* Indicated Biopelle products

Anti-Aging Massages & Body Treatments

  • Restore your body and mind to a more balanced state. An eclectic blend of techniques is utilized to release tension, relieve muscle soreness and ease mental stress. Your therapist can customize your session for deep tissue (advanced techniques will reach deeper layers of your muscle tissue for maximum relief) or Swedish (advanced technique provide soothing strokes promoting circulation and relaxation).
  • JETLAG AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE 60m: 215.00 / 90m: 300.00
  • Become in sync again. This light to moderate pressure massage combines the power of touch with the healing benefits of aromatherapy to connect and soothe your mental and physical states. Energize and renew with citrus, lavender, or rosemary-mint essential oil blends that promote relaxation and sleep. Massage techniques will be tailored to ensure your desired result.
  • POWER MASSAGE 60m: 240.00 / 90m 315.00
  • This invigorating experience lifts away layers of stress and fatigue starting from the toes all the way to the head, leaving you energized and ready to take on the city.  This massage utilizes the power of stretching and shiatsu techniques to stimulate the body's natural energy pathways, soothe the muscles' nervous system and induce a deep state of focus. Deepening strokes align your ligament's natural movement to increase circulation and promote energy flow through your body. 
  • ROSEMARY MINT HOT STONE MASSAGE 60m: 240.00 / 90m: 315.00
  • Melt away your stress with this classic hot stone massage featuring warm mint oil.  The heat of the stones coupled with the refreshing effects of wild rosemary mint oil delivers a surprisingly relaxing, yet rejuvenating experience.  Applied in long, soothing strokes, this massage is revered for its wide range of healing effects from pain in the joints to toning vascular tissue.
  • PRENATAL MASSAGE 60m: 215.00 / 90m: 300.00
  • Massage for deux? Specifically designed for mothers- to-be who have finished their first trimester, this prenatal massage pampers the expectant mother with gentle and safe techniques to relieve tension in the lower back and hips.  To ensure that you are sent into a cloud of comfort, this treatment finishes with a soft, yet effective foot massage designed specifically to reduce swelling in the feet and bring on an air of lightness.
  • REFLEXOLOGY  30m: 150.00 / 60m: 285.00
  • This ancient art utilizes strategic pressure points located on your hands and feet that connect directly with your central nervous system to rebalance and bring a flow of energy to organs and systems. An experience of renewed vitality and strength will surge throughout your entire body.
  • This is a relaxing massage therapy concentrating on the upper back, neck and shoulder muscles. The treatment is designed to calm and ease tension in the area of the body where muscle issues most often occur.
  • COUPLES MASSAGE 60m: 430.00 / 90m: 600.00
  • Warm, entice and delight the senses with your other half as each massage satisfies your individual  needs.  
  • POWER COUPLE quoted by consultation
  • Couples massage and facial with an optional manicure and pedicure.

Anti-Aging Body Treatments

  • VIORA BODY TREATMENTS  quoted by consultation
  • Transform your body with the safest and most effective radio frequency technology aproved by the FDA. Not only can you bid adieu to stretch marks and cellulite with comfort and indulgence, you can improve the elasticity and texture of the skin on the stomach, thighs, hips and underarms, resulting in a smoother contoured shape. The gentle heating Radio Frequency energy enhances collagen and elastin production levels through the stimulation of fibroblasts. The result is tighter, younger-looking skin without the doctor’s office nor downtime.
  • A purifying ritual that revitalizes and deeply hydrates while restoring beauty and freshness to the skin. Oxygen Body Perfection is ideal for toning our bodies into shape and preparing for new seasons. First, the skin is renewed using a leading-edge, polyhydroxy acid-based exfoliant that boosts elasticity. Then, the body is wrapped in an enticing, soufflé-texture mask that provides a nourishing and draining effect. Finally, an application of a hydrating, revitalizing oil reveals luminous, glowing skin.
  • Drench your body with the highest concentration of Vitamin C, green tea, and rose hip oil. Highly effective botanical and exfoliating agents polish the skin’s surface by eliminating dead skin cells for a soft radiance. Ideal for all skin types experiencing loss of elasticity, dehydration due to the sun or environmental damage.

Manicure & Pedicure

  • JF Manicure 40.00
  • Manicure with Exfoliating Peel 80.00
  • Polish Change Manicure 30.00
  • French Manicure 45.00
  • French Manicure Polish Change 35.00
  • Shellac Manicure 60.00
  • French Shellac Manicure 75.00
  • Vinylux 50.00
  • Shellac Removal 15.00
  • JF Children's Manicure 22.00
  • JF Pedicure 80.00
  • Pedicure with Exfoliating Peel 160.00
  • Polish Change Pedicure 60.00
  • French Pedicure 90.00
  • French Pedicure Polish Change 70.00
  • Shellac Pedicure 120.00
  • French Shellac Pedicure 150.00
  • JF Children's Pedicure 30.00


  • Vitamin C Scrub 35.00
  • Glycolic Peel 40.00
  • Paraffin Treatment 30.00



  • Red Carpet Makeup 350.00
  • Makeup Application 150.00
  • Makeup Lesson 185.00
  • Makeup Touch-up 65.00
  • Makeup Bridal Trial 200.00
  • Makeup Wedding Day quoted by consultation**
  • Outside Booking 350.00 / hour**
  • Permanent Eyelash Application 220.00+
  • Eyelash Refresh 140.00
  • Temporary Eyelash Application 40.00

*Pricing varies depending on desired result. Please book a complementary consultation before service.
**Outside bookings and weddings will be billed hourly for travel. Tax included in price. Charges will be made from the time stylist leaves the salon until the time they return to the salon.



  • Eyebrow Shaping 65.00
  • Eyebrow Shaping with Victoria or Kety 75.00
  • Lip 35.00
  • Chin 35.00
  • Face Line 50.00
  • Neck Line 35.00
  • Nose 40.00
  • Electrolysis 15m 50.00
  • Electrolysis 30m 90.00
  • Electrolysis 45m 125.00
  • Electrolysis 60m 170.00


  • Full Arm 75.00+
  • Half Arm 45.00+
  • Underarm 45.00+
  • Ear 55.00
  • Bikini 60.00+
  • Brazilian Bikini 95.00+
  • Bikini/Half Leg Lower 110.00+
  • Bikini/Half Leg Upper 120.00 +
  • Bikini/Full Leg 130.00+
  • Brazilian Bikini/Full Leg 180.00+
  • Half Leg Lower 60.00+
  • Half Leg Upper 70.00+
  • Full Leg 95.00+
  • Chest Wax 85.00+
  • Back Wax 100.00+

Spa Packages

  • POWER PICK ME UP 1.5h: 360.00+
  • Express Facial
  • Reflexology
  • Julien Farel Restore Hair Treatment
  • Blowdry
  • THE TRAVELER 2.5h: 490.00
  • Jetlag Aromatherapy Massage
  • Double Detox Facial
  • Blowdry
  • EXECUTIVE ESCAPE 4h: 490.00
  • JF Restore Massage
  • Diamond Glow Facial
  • JF Manicure
  • JF Pedicure
  • Blowdry /Haircut*
  • RED CARPET READY 5.5h: 1,095.00
  • Diamond Rose Red Carpet Facial
  • Vitamin C Scrub
  • Power Massage
  • Eyebrow Shaping
  • Manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Power Coif
  • Makeup Application
  • 90 min Deep Tissue Massage
  • 90 min Facial
  • Hand and Foot Restore treatment
  • Haircut
  • Whiskey bar access
  • MOMMY TO BE 2.5h: 400
  • Prenatal Massage
  • Pedicure
  • Sparkling apple cider
  • Blowout
  • Beauty bag worth $200 including Julien Farel Restore Hair Treatment and Natura Bisse skincare
  • MOMMY & ME 2h: 350
  • Manicures for mother and child
  • Pedicures for mother and child
  • Blowout for Mom plus Champagne
  • Braid for daughter* plus sparkling apple cider
  • *Can substitute children’s haircut for son or daughter
  • Beauty bag worth $200 including Julien Farel Restore Hair Treatment and Natura Bisse skincare
  • POWER MOM 3h: 1000
  • Facials for two
  • Pedicures for two
  • Makeup for two
  • Blowout for two
  • Beauty bag worth $200 including Julien Farel Restore Hair Treatment and Natura Bisse skincare

*Price will vary depending on your choice


  • Makeup Bridal Trial 200.00
  • Makeup Wedding Day quoted by consultation
  • More coming soon


  • CUT & STYLE80
  • Tailor-made color to achieve your desired style
  • Our unique Balayage technique disguises gray and complements your natural color


  • This traditional shave begins with a light cleansing of the face, hot towel and an invigorating pre shave cream. With precision and mastery, a straight razor is used with the grain and then against the grain for ultimate closeness. A hot towel cleanse, facial massage and refreshing After Shave Toning Lotion with a cold towel pat leave you and your skin fully rejuvenated. Complimentary shoe shine included as a finishing touch.
  • This ultimate indulgence combines our JF Signature Shave with our Signature Restore Treatment and Scalp Massage for complete rejuvenation of your skin and hair
  • This carefully curated facial is designed specific to your skin’s needs. Exclusive techniques & Anti-Aging products target everything from dehydration and under eye circles to shaving irritation while scalp, neck and shoulder massages transport you to a state of profound relaxation
  • The manicure: cleanse, exfoliate, massage, clip, file, buff & go!
  • The pedicure: cleanse, exfoliate, massage, clip, file, buff & go!


  • Energize and revitalize by relieving muscle soreness and extracting deep-seeded tension. Highly effective, advanced techniques are utilized to reach deep down layers of tissue to relieve aches and pains caused by tight or overused muscles
  • De-compress with a deep concentration on high-tension areas including neck and shoulders, and a relaxing scalp massage


  • POWER HOUR255 & up
  • A custom-made style experience: Cut, Color & Style while the Hand & Foot Restore Treatments are executed simultaneously
  • POWER 30160
  • Every man’s essentials at once: Cut & Style with Hand & Foot Restore Treatments
  • A perfectly tailored city escape. JF Signature Facial plus Hand & Foot Restore Treatments concurrently